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The Light of Lisbon

New Azulejo Português 2021 Collection

New Azulejo Português 2021 Collection

Crafted in gold, silver, and ceramic enamel, the jewels of the collection reflect the light and colors of the city of Lisbon.

Inspired by Portuguese culture and identity, the collection conveys in its jewelry simplicity, modernity, and tradition.





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Azulejo Português 2021 Collection

About the portuguese tile

The name Azulejo comes from the Arabic “Al-zuleique” which originally means “smooth and polished stone”, gaining tradition in Portuguese lands over time. The tile has been produced nationally for around 500 years and remains unique as a decorative and architectural element. It coats and enhances churches and convents, palaces and houses, staircases, fountains, gardens, and entire streets. With different patterns that intertwine, it has been changing the urban landscape giving it shine and ostentation.

« The tile has 500 years of national production »