200 years enchanting moments

Leitão & Irmão presents
the bicentennial commemorative piece

A piece full of symbolism, where both the historical heritage and the look to the future of Casa Leitão & Irmão are represented.

A piece full of symbolism:

  • The number 2
  • Crowns
  • Letters L and I
  • The white
  • Gold and Silver

The choice of sculptor José Aurélio

Jorge Leitão joined Leitão & Irmão, thus fulfilling a family tradition of 6 generations, during a socio-economic period of particular demand after the 25th of April. Jorge Leitão invited then José Aurélio to create a jewelry collection.

At the time, the sculptor was on the rise and the collaboration made perfect sense for both – Portuguese, artistic and young.

To celebrate 2 centuries, Jorge Leitão invites once again the sculptor to celebrate yet another remarkable moment as head of Casa Leitão.

José Manuel Aurélio

Biography of the Sculptor

He stands out for his sculptural work integrated into the avant-garde movement, essentially working with materials such as stone, wood or bronze, isolated or combined.

He presents us with a minimalist and tendentially geometrizing aesthetic language.

He carried out numerous works in public spaces, participating in collective art exhibitions since 1957 and exhibiting individually for the first time in 1958, having held a large number of exhibitions since then. He is now represented in several international and national exhibits.

In 2006, José Aurélio was awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic with the rank of Comendador da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique.

Based on his sculptural base, he has developed new forms of expression in the field of medals and in 2016 he created a two-euro coin, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Bridge over the Tagus.

José Aurélio is considered one of the great contemporary Portuguese artists.

The white of the Biscuit porcelain represents the purity of the noble gold and silver materials and the righteous character characteristic of Casa Leitão.

The piece is surmounted by 2 crowns developed by the designer of the house, representing the Portuguese Royal Crown and the Crown of the Imperial House of Brazil, an allusion to the honorary titles of Leitão & Irmão.

The concept of double functionality exists by removing the crowns and transforming the piece into a candlestick or a solitary double.

A peça comemorativa do Bicentenário da Casa Leitão é proposta em 2 modelos onde diferem as coroas.

Modelo Coroas Fechadas e Modelo Coroas Abertas.

Cada modelo tem uma edição limitada a 100 unidades numeradas, perfazendo um total de 200 unidades.

The piece commemorating the Bicentennial of Casa Leitão is presented in 2 models where the crowns differ.

Model Closed Crowns and Model Open Crowns.

Each model has a limited edition of 100 numbered units, making a total of 200 units available.

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