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Discover the perfect combination of tradition and modernity in Leitão & Irmão's jewellery collections, a true legacy of elegance.

Akoya is the shell that develops this pearl from the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The Akoya pearl is a jewellery classic and, due to its delicate appearance, is associated with modesty, chastity and purity, which is why it is associated with young and pure love.

The summer nights. The stars in the dark sky and the good times we spend with those we love the most. The Summer Sky collection takes inspiration from the good times and designs pieces in gold and diamond studded designs.

Casa Leitão presents a curation of filigree pieces that perpetuate the rare and traditional knowledge of master gold craftsmen.

A timeless souvenir of Portugal and a challenging job for the most competent of goldsmiths.

The streets of Lisbon and its buildings lined with Portuguese tiles inspire the designs of the Azulejo Português jewellery collection.

Inspired by the Portuguese culture and identity, the Light of Lisbon collection presents in its jewellery a design with simplicity, modernity and tradition.

The Portuguese Cord belongs to Portuguese jewellery.
Women used to collect these necklaces and show them off as a display of their dowry. Tradition is no longer what it used to be and Leitão & Irmão has enriched the traditional Portuguese cord with the sparkle of diamonds.

The jewellery in the Ganda Godron collection features Manueline ropes, precious stones from India and diamonds from Brazil, as well as the exoticism of the gargoyles on the Belém Tower and the richness of the Lisbon of the Discoveries.

A collection inspired by the traditional Portuguese cord, applied to jewellery with an innovative design.
In yellow gold with diamonds, sapphires and topazes. Traditional mesh necklaces and reversible rings bring innovation to Portuguese jewellery.

Golden wishes, bring bright paths.

The Gold Wish collection develops symbols so that we can give the best wishes to those we love the most.

Geometrised lucky symbols crafted in silver. A collection of growing in unique symbols and meanings.

Inspired by the crossing of the Cape of Good Hope. Discoveries have always inspired the jewellers and designers at Leitão & Irmão, in a collection of gold jewellery enriched with diamonds.

The pyramids of Egypt inspired the jewellers at Leitão & Irmão to design a geometric and modern collection, in yellow gold, white gold and enriched with diamonds, to make you feel like a Pharaoh or Cleopatra herself.

Universal symbols that merge cultures, traditions and knowledge.
A timeless collection with its own identity.

Collection inspired by the chiselled stone of the stained glass windows of the Monastery of Batalha. A work built under the strength of Promises of Love.


Where the diamond is the centrepiece of a minimalist and refined design collection.

Leitão & Irmão's oldest collection is a reinvented classic. A collection that materialises the bond between two people, now modernised in its form and concept.

Diamonds, sapphires or tourmalines in a classic and timeless ring design to give to yourself or the one you love the most.

The Princess Cut diamond, a classic engagement ring with a modern Leitão & Irmão design.

The model of engagement ring most used by brides and grooms since time immemorial. A classic in platinum, with the Leitão & Irmão quality signature where the diamond is allowed to shine.

Inspired by adversity and overcoming obstacles, this collection conveys the symbolism of Peace, Hope and Love. The collection also celebrates bravery and courage, emphasising the significance of the wearer's experiences.

Memories are collected.

The Memories collection of rings, whether with diamonds, rubies or coloured sapphires, has a design that allows you to mix and match.

A jewel that speaks for itself.

The first diamond with your message engraved forever, to eternalise and access your unique moments as images, music and films.

Carolina Curado

The Calla Lily by Carolina Curado Collection is an ode to women in the delicacy of a flower. A collection that uses the knowledge of Leitão & Irmão with the irreverence of jeweller Carolina Curado.

Débora Montenegro

With a minimalist aesthetic language, the Find Your Star by Débora Montenegro collection is the search for each one's individuality... whether in the stars, in the desert or within ourselves.

Water, life's most precious commodity.
The drop collection pays minimalist and stylised homage to a drop of water in gold and diamonds.

A flower drawn on a golden staff.
A traditional and valuable piece to pass down from generation to generation of traditional Portuguese jewellery.

Rings, pendants and earrings in which the precious stones are reminiscent of the champagne bubbles in the Great Gatsby book, through a design with the glamour of the 20s. 

A jewellery classic where the brilliance of the diamonds is enhanced by the "Pave" setting.
The original Casa Leitão design is enhanced with diamonds set into the side of the ring, adding light and life to the stones.

Ceylon Sapphires are the star of the Ceylon Collection in gold and their blue hue mirrors the beauty of the expression: Gold on blue. Jewellery with a minimalist design that allows the sapphires to shine.

Coloured cabochon gemstones set in yellow or white gold.
Combine with your sign stone: quartz, amethyst, topaz, citrine or ionite.

The Zodiac Collection offers a selection of pendants in a minimalist design based on the symbols of each zodiac sign. Which sign are you looking for?

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