Silver Sea Collection

Imagine the long summer days, the reflection of the sun on the sea in the late afternoon, the memories of travelling, the smiles of a dinner by the sea with friends. Imagine being able to carry the memory of these days with you.

Just as the conch holds the sound of the sea, the Silver Sea collection, adorned with delicate organic shapes and crafted with a modern and sophisticated design, brings us the memories of these endless days.

New In 2024

Shells - the glittering ornaments you find on a seaside stroll. Despite their small size, shells harbour a rich fruit, which creates them as protection for its vulnerable body. Shells are collected from all over the world, and their varied shapes and colours are used for collecting and making jewellery or decorative items. Due to their uniqueness and precious appearance, in ancient times, trade was made using shells, which served as currency.

In 2024, the brand launches the Vieira earrings, a continuation of the scapular also featuring scallop shells, to bring a bit of the sound of the sea to our ears.

Capsule Collection

Leitão & Irmão is proud to present the brand's first Capsule Collection, a unique and seasonal launch of limited stock pieces, marked by the creative freedom they allow, and which go beyond the brand's usual standards.
This collection is limited to existing stock and available from June 1st to September 30th.

In the quest to create a collection abundant in summer memories, our workshops located delicate silver pieces in the shape of different crustaceans, starfish and conch shells, based on various studies developed by Casa Leitão's sculptor and team of jewellers for other collections, or intended to simply expand the team's creativity.

The House's archives are often home to the creativity of our artists, which, together with the values of sustainability practised by the workshop for centuries, has allowed us to create a collection with the summer theme we were looking for, which brings together values of quality, sustainability and modernity in the art of jewellery making.

Our partnerships

Leitão & Irmão has established renowned partnerships, combining jewellery tradition with a contemporary vision.

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