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Enchanted Easter
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The egg is a well-known symbol of renewal, birth, and hope.

The story of the Easter Egg goes back a long time, when hopeful farmers buried eggs on their land by the time of the equinox, to stimulate the growth of new harvests in the coming spring.

Discover the collection of silver eggs by Leitão & Irmão, manufactured in our workshops in Lisbon.

The tradition of the annual creation of a Silver Egg by Easter time begins with a commission order requested by Queen Amelia to House Leitão. A small egg in gold and enamel.

Since then, a new decoration is created annually, in a silver egg, carefully carved.

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Turn your Easter into a true story of enchantment. From unrepeatable gems to fairytale-worthy objects, Casa Leitão features a selection of special pieces, ideal for adding a personal touch and telling an enchanting story in every possible way. Turn Easter even more special with unforgettable gifts. Easter is one of the most important date to celebrate as a family, it is traditional to offer a gift to godchildren, relatives or friends. Choose your favorite and surprise the one you love the most.

Gold Wish Collection

Luck, love, peace and wishes represented a timeless collection with a diverse range of yellow gold pendants and earrings.

Good Luck Collection

Horseshoe, Swallow and Clover. The perfect combination of three lucky symbols manufactured in silver.

Necklaces & Pendants

Discover our variety of necklaces and pendants in gold, silver and precious stones. Long necklaces can be used in various ways to suit any occasion.

Godparents' Gifts

From the simplest to the most traditional pieces, we have created a selection of godparents’ gift ideas to mark a special moment.


The Jasmin egg, in silver, comes to life through the contrast between the volume of the flower and the smooth oval surface, which relies on a delicate chisel work where the goldsmith masters express their creativity. The name Jasmine, of Persian origin, means “gift of God” or “fragrant flower”. It is a celebration of love and the feminine, for its wild character, representing the ups and downs of life. Due to its rich aroma, it is placed in various places of devotion throughout the world, evoking representations of spiritual clarity and faith.