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Leitão & Irmãos

Filigree Collection

The ancestral northern origins of Casa Leitão e Irmão provide the knowledge to create a Filigree collection, made by the most knowledgeable goldsmiths and transmitters of their art.


The technique of goldsmithing to develop Filigree is still an art manufactured by few and a knowledge that has been lost over time. Making Filigree pieces increasingly rare and precious.

Imagine being able to bring with you the memory of long summer days, just as the conch guards the sound of the sea.

Anel de noivado - Platina e diamante

An ode to individuality, with delicate pieces filled with diamonds. A collection in partnership with model Débora Montenegro.

Scent Collection

The scent of a memory can last forever. Leitão & Irmão Scent Collection enriches the olfactory memory with silver pieces carefully manufactured in our workshops.

Anel de noivado - Platina e diamante


Leitão & Irmão offers a quick maintenance and restoration service for all its parts.