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Leitão & Irmãos

Different times, different stories
The same passion for art

Throughout its history, Leitão & Irmão has partnered with great young artists.

Now, the brand joins forces with Carolina Curado in a collaboration that brings together the knowledge and modernity of Leitão & Irmão with the irreverence and organic style of this creator.

Two aesthetic languages merge in their differences to create a collection with a modern and irreverent result that reflects the 21st-century woman: empowered yet delicate, daring yet vulnerable.

Calla Lily Collection

For a collection that aims to reflect the woman of the 21st century under the interpretation of Carolina Curado, the concepts of empowerment and delicacy were combined, culminating in the absolute and most powerful theme – nature.

Perfection is designed by nature. Every time we interpret it, we pay tribute to its beauty, strength and resilience.

Carolina Curado presents an interpretation of the Cally Lily. A flower associated with masculinity, where she intends to reinforce and amplify this premise of homage to nature.

As the Cally Lily is associated with masculinity, it symbolises the empowerment of today’s woman in the strength of nature, which is simultaneously as fragile as a flower. Like the Cally Lily, women are full of energy, elegance and strength, yet also calmness, delicacy and fragility.

The dream in the hands of mastery

Just like the jewellery from Leitão & Irmão, time is valuable.

The Calla Lily collection is meticulously handmade, requiring approximately 160 hours of work per piece by our skilled master jewellers and goldsmiths.

From casting to arriving in your hands and making your dream come true, each piece is truly unique and carries a bit of our essence.