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Leitão & Irmãos

Mar de Prata Collection

Mar de Prata is about celebrating the best that is brought to us by the ocean waves, whether it is experiences, scents, or memories.
The collection allows us to take some of its reflection with us, wherever we go.

Capsule Collection

Leitão & Irmão is proud to present the brand’s first Capsule Collection, a unique, seasonal release of limited stock pieces, marked by the creative freedom they allow, that go beyond the brand’s usual standards.

To be able to create a collection that is replenished with summer memories, our workshops located delicate silver pieces shaped like different crustaceans, starfishes, and conch shells, based on several studies developed by the sculptor and jewelers of Casa Leitão for other collections, or destined to simply expand the team’s creativity.

In the archives of the House is where it is often found the creativity of our artists, that along with the values of sustainability practiced by the workshop for centuries long, allowed us to create a summer-themed collection that was being sought, one that brings together values of quality, sustainability, and modernity in the art of jewelry making.