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Platinum Jubilee – Queen’s Visit to Portugal

Platinum Jubilee – Queen’s Visit to Portugal

In commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, we remember, 65 years ago now, her state visit to Portugal in February 1957. The Queen visited different locations in Portugal and participated in various official ceremonies, having attended a Gala at the Teatro S. Carlos whose images allow us to revisit Portugal at the time.
Royal Treasury Museum | History Chapters

Royal Treasury Museum | History Chapters

On the 1st of June, the Royal Treasury Museum opened at Ajuda Palace with a collection of unique pieces and jewelry that tell us not only the history of the Portuguese monarchy but also the achievements of those who contributed for it. One of the most important collections of jewelry in the world, representing the best in Portuguese and European jewelery during the 16th and 20th centuries. The museum’s work itself was designed by the architect João Carlos Santos, the current director of the Portuguese Government Heritage Department, is a perfect combination of contemporaneity and respect for history. Creating a perfect harmony and transition between the existing facade and the one now finished. The inauguration marks the end of a 226-year work, begun in November 1795 by Regent Prince  D. João. This is how the Royal Treasury Museum was born, integrated inside the Ajuda National Palace, and in the words of its architect “one of the safest buildings in the world”. The new museum is located inside a high-security vault installed inside the new building built on the west wing of Ajuda Palace. The building has a glass structure with vertical blades that allows entry to the interior. On the third and fourth floors we find the safe, 40 meters long by ten meters wide and ten meters high, with space for 72 display cases divided into 11 cores, where the museum itself will be localized.

Débora Montenegro and Leitão & Irmão at the F Luxury Club event

Débora Montenegro and Leitão & Irmão at the F Luxury Club event

On 23 September, Débora Montenegro attended a lunch organized by the F Luxury Club, a club for women, businesswomen and female entrepreneurs created by F Magazine, which brought together about 50 women to the table to present their work and successful projects. An example of this is her collection presented during the event at the Eleven restaurant, which combines gold and diamond jewellery. “Jewels to dream and wear every day” is the message that Leitão & Irmão, together with Débora Montenegro, transmits to all women who achieve their goals with charisma and elegance.

The origins of the Fátima Jewels brand and the celebration of peace and love

The origins of the Fátima Jewels brand and the celebration of peace and love

Over nearly two centuries of activity, the Divine continues to be celebrated in the work of Leitão & Irmão.

The result is the manufacture of numerous jewellery pieces inspired by the transcendental, with a unique highlight for the crown of Our Lady of Fátima. Designed and manufactured in the Lisbon workshops, from donated jewels, the piece crowned the image of Our Lady of Fátima in 1946 as the “Queen of Peace and the World”.

In 2017, the year of the Centennial of Fátima, Leitão & Irmão creates the Fátima Jewels brand, in order to approach a sensitive theme with the exclusivity and modesty it inspires. With pieces manufactured in gold, silver and precious stones, Fátima Jewels had as its first creations the miniature replica of the crowned image of Our Lady of Fátima in the Chapel of the Apparitions.

This year, values that helped us overcome the unexpected pandemic time were highlighted. “Peace, Hope and Love” is the name of the latest collection developed for Fátima Jewels, available in gold and diamonds.  

Manufactured in the Bairro Alto workshops, the pendant collection pays tribute to feelings of peace, hope and love as values common to all mankind.

The pieces of the collection are available at Leitão & Irmão shops and at the Fátima Jewels’ online shop.

You can read the complete interview with Jorge Leitão on the Fátima Jewels brand online at:

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy

The Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy

The creation and manufacture of the perpetual sailing trophy instituted by the Mirpuri Foundation was a privilege that Leitão & Irmão embraced with special commitment.

The concept of the trophy materialized in silver and gold, points to the fluidity of the oceans and the urgency of contributing to its preservation, a theme that is central to the Mirpuri Foundation’s mission.

Manufactured in the workshops of Lisbon, the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy is currently part of the set of remarkable sailing trophies created by Casa Leitão over 200 years of work.

Different levels designed in silver and gold recall the movement of the waves while the trophy of fluid and bright shapes, evokes an ocean, clear and bright. One good that belongs to all of us, and that we are all responsible for taking care of.

Nativity Scene. A family built jewel.

Nativity Scene. A family built jewel.

The Nativity Scene tradition began with St. Francis of Assisi, during Christmas in 1223, with the representation of the Nativity in the Greccio forest in Italy. Authorised by the Vatican, the representation with real figures highlighted the Nativity Scene as popular work. This original outdoor public display, transposed the Nativity Scene from the solemnity of the temple to the familiarity of everyday life and then to the intimacy of the home. The annual assembly of the Nativity Scene came to be a story of the family and its scope goes beyond individual beliefs.

It is in this context of scope and universality, forming part of the 800 years of representation of the manger, that Leitão & Irmão made a start to the original modelling of the Nativity Scene. A sterling silver collectible work, its variety allowing a personalized representation.


The 25 pieces now on offer are part of a vast set already modelled, to be made available by 2023, thus marking the 800th anniversary of the nativity scene as a work directed at everyone.

Discover all the phases of production of the Nativity Scene. Carefully manufactured at our workshops in Lisbon.


See the figures of the Nativity Scene grouped by different themes:

Holy Family
Our lady
Saint Joseph
Baby Jesus

Magi Balthazar
Magi Gaspar
Magi Melchior
Camel Driver 

Sheep with base
Ram Lying 
Sheep Lying
Ram with base
Shepherd with sheep on his shoulders
Shepherdess with sheep in her arms
Shepherd with sheep

Child musician
Musician with flute
Musician with bagpipe


Fisherman with fishing rod


Débora Montenegro x Leitão & Irmão Joalheiros | Jewelry inspired by the constellations

Débora Montenegro x Leitão & Irmão Joalheiros | Jewelry inspired by the constellations

The ten gold and diamonds jewels represent the night sky, the heavenly bodies and the beauty of the constellations of stars. Jewellery for every occasion.


Dedicated to the night sky, the heavenly bodies and the beauty of the constellations, the line features pieces in the shape of stars, the moon and rays, materializing Deborah Montenegro’s dream.

In the collection, Deborah Montenegro passes on her own simple and elegant taste for rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with a distinctive and timeless design. “Pieces to dream about and use every day” is the motto of the brand that transposes simplicity in every detail with the desire to turn dreams into reality.

The collection was presented at the Hotel Ritz in Lisbon on October 28, where, at one of the jewellery shops, Deborah Montenegro was present with the Leitão & Irmão master jewellers, who showed the manufacture and a gem revealing curious aspects of the art of jewellery.

Discover the collection here.


The collection, consisting of ten pieces, features:

North Star
Love by the Moon
Star Constellation
Diamond Thunder

Constellation Eternity Moon & Stars
The Triple Diamond Thunder

Drawn in the Skin Star Constellation
Drawn in the Skin Love by the Moon
Drawn in the Skin Thunder

Drawn in the Skin

Portuguese filigree. The art of detail in traditional jewellery.

Portuguese filigree. The art of detail in traditional jewellery.

Portuguese filigree, known for its delicacy, makes use of the traditional techniques of Portuguese jewellery. It is the art of working precious metals, combining fine gold or silver wires in a design of circular, spiral motifs that form a charming lace effect.

Filigree has been known since Greco-Roman antiquity, and is also used in large decorative objects.

Filigree pieces are recognized for their quality and delicacy, ensured by the materials and techniques used, and by the work done by the Portuguese goldsmiths.

The Leitão & Irmão filigree is crafted by the master goldsmiths at its workshops, where traditional patterns are incorporated into a contemporary design, bringing together the Portuguese way of being and innovation. A collection that includes pieces in gold, silver and silver guild.

The Casa Leitão filigree collection includes various iconic filigree symbols such as the Viana Heart, the Queen earrings, the Viana Bead Necklaces and the Earrings.

Filigree products:

Portuguese filigree

Filigree earrings

Filigree queen earrings

Viana filigree

Portuguese Viana heart filigree