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Leitão & Irmãos

Nativity Scene. A family built jewel.

The Nativity Scene tradition began with St. Francis of Assisi, during Christmas in 1223, with the representation of the Nativity in the Greccio forest in Italy. Authorised by the Vatican, the representation with real figures highlighted the Nativity Scene as popular work. This original outdoor public display, transposed the Nativity Scene from the solemnity of the temple to the familiarity of everyday life and then to the intimacy of the home. The annual assembly of the Nativity Scene came to be a story of the family and its scope goes beyond individual beliefs.

It is in this context of scope and universality, forming part of the 800 years of representation of the manger, that Leitão & Irmão made a start to the original modelling of the Nativity Scene. A sterling silver collectible work, its variety allowing a personalized representation.


The 25 pieces now on offer are part of a vast set already modelled, to be made available by 2023, thus marking the 800th anniversary of the nativity scene as a work directed at everyone.

Discover all the phases of production of the Nativity Scene. Carefully manufactured at our workshops in Lisbon.


See the figures of the Nativity Scene grouped by different themes:

Holy Family
Our lady
Saint Joseph
Baby Jesus

Magi Balthazar
Magi Gaspar
Magi Melchior
Camel Driver 

Sheep with base
Ram Lying 
Sheep Lying
Ram with base
Shepherd with sheep on his shoulders
Shepherdess with sheep in her arms
Shepherd with sheep

Child musician
Musician with flute
Musician with bagpipe


Fisherman with fishing rod