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Leitão & Irmãos

Portuguese filigree. The art of detail in traditional jewellery.

Portuguese filigree, known for its delicacy, makes use of the traditional techniques of Portuguese jewellery. It is the art of working precious metals, combining fine gold or silver wires in a design of circular, spiral motifs that form a charming lace effect.

Filigree has been known since Greco-Roman antiquity, and is also used in large decorative objects.

Filigree pieces are recognized for their quality and delicacy, ensured by the materials and techniques used, and by the work done by the Portuguese goldsmiths.

The Leitão & Irmão filigree is crafted by the master goldsmiths at its workshops, where traditional patterns are incorporated into a contemporary design, bringing together the Portuguese way of being and innovation. A collection that includes pieces in gold, silver and silver guild.

The Casa Leitão filigree collection includes various iconic filigree symbols such as the Viana Heart, the Queen earrings, the Viana Bead Necklaces and the Earrings.

Filigree products:

Portuguese filigree

Filigree earrings

Filigree queen earrings

Viana filigree

Portuguese Viana heart filigree