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Filigree bracelet with Viana Beads in gold


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19k yellow gold – 11 g
Viana beads 6mm

Viana beads are a classic of Portuguese filigree. Known as the oldest piece of Portuguese jewelry.
The filigree technique is applied to small collectible balls.

Because they were hollow and light, they were economical pieces, becoming one of the main jewels of Portuguese Popular Gold.
The young women bought the beads that they joined in a typical wool yarn that ended in the back with a pompom. The amount of beads in each necklace was thus variable depending on one’s taste and savings.

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Filigree – The secret of jewelery

Filigree is the Portuguese jewelery technique, perhaps the most characteristic of Portugal.

Its origin refers to the North of Portugal, Filigree pieces were used on feast days. Symbolizing the wealth of the woman’s family, who displayed them full of pride.
Gold was seen as an investment. It was the bride’s dowry. However, if it was to display and enhance the beauty of marriageable women, the ideal is to add the preciousness of gold to the beauty of eye-catching and simultaneously delicate pieces.

Featuring different patterns and traditional shapes, such as the “rodilhão”, the “princess earrings”, “conta de Viana” pattern, which are still being replicated today.

In this technique of goldsmithing that dates back to the Middle Ages, creative gold or silver goldsmiths can reach tens of meters in length. Subsequently, the wires are twisted in pairs and placed under the previously developed frame, the “skeleton” of the piece.

In its origins, filigree began as a decorative technique for existing pieces, but its specific technique and the beauty of the final work gave it a voice of its own.
It is a work of technique, patience and above all: art.

The ancestral northern origins of Casa Leitão e Irmão allow the knowledge to create a Filigree collection, made by the most knowledgeable goldsmiths and transmitters of their art.

The technique of goldsmithing to develop Filigree is still an art manufactured by few and a knowledge that has been lost over time. Making Filigree pieces increasingly rare and precious.

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