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Leitão & Irmãos

The scent of a memory can last forever.

Leitão & Irmão Scent Collection enriches the olfactory memory with silver pieces carefully manufactured in our workshops.
Subsist the scent of a memory, of a special day or even of your visit to Leitão & Irmão store with our perfume sticks.

The scents of our life.

Who doesn’t remember the scent of a new book, the perfume of our father or a meal prepared by our mother?
Smell is one of our most powerful senses.

The amount of connections between the olfactory region and the brain makes it possible to trigger emotions through just a light aroma.
When activated by a scent, the brain triggers a neurological reaction in memory associating the scent with an event.
Whoever, upon smelling a familiar aroma, was transported back to a memory with an incredible wealth of detail.

Scented Bags

Inside the perfume balls you can put your favorite scent or even put different scents in each ball, according to where you will store it.

Remember grandmothers putting lavender bags inside the drawers?

We can upgrade the scented bags with scented balls in chiseled silver manufactured by our master goldsmiths.

The scented balls are intended to be placed inside spaces, such as a drawer or box, where you can place scented soaps, ceramics soaked in essential oils, dried flowers or potpourri inside.

Excellent offer for fans of perfumes, wedding gifts, baptisms or to offer yourself and store your drawers with a fragrant refinement.

Air Freshener

When visiting any of our stores, the first sense that is awakened is smell.

The aromas of Leitão & Irmão stores were developed in detail by master perfumers so that it corresponds to the vision of the brand and the quality of the pieces developed by us in order to involve our visitors in a feeling of refinement and well-being.

A spicy woody fragrance, with the cedar note dominating its character, combining notes of black tea, juniper, laurel, cedar, leather, amber, balsamic notes.

The aroma of the stores was such a success that, at the request of many customers, we made it available. So you can be transported to the good feeling you had when visiting us physically. So you can be transported to the good feeling you had when visiting us physically.