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Leitão & Irmãos


Services Leitão & Irmão


Leitão & Irmão offers a fast maintenance and restoration service for all its pieces.
Bring us your piece and it will look like new without losing the patine that enhances it.



Bring your idea, sketch, design, and Leitão & Irmão puts at your disposal a specialised team to advise on the transformation of your idea into a piece.
Engagement rings, wedding bands, commemorative pieces.
Unique pieces just for you.



A chain to turn into two bracelets, a bracelet to transfer into a necklace, two rings to make a pair of earrings.
We work your idea to realise your dream.



Lost an earring? Would you like to reproduce a family ring?
Bring your piece and get to know more about our piece reproduction service.
Note: exclusive service for Leitão & Irmão pieces.



A silver tray without a foot, a candlestick with a broken arm, a tea set with loose handles. At Leitão & Irmão we restore your piece to its original form and use.
A careful service in particular detail to enhance your possessions.



For more information about our services, contact us by email or by phone +351 213 424 107 (call cost to national landline network).