Faith and art go hand in hand

Man has always tried to convey his devotion through pieces of art, be they paintings, frescoes, sculpture, architecture or many other arts. We see displays of religious art in the most marvellous monuments that are still the object of study in Rome, Paris, Milan and all over the world...

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Journey into the Desert

The jewellery collection developed with Débora Montenegro brings a tangible aspect of jewellery to the Leitão & Irmão collections, through pieces intended to be used in everyday life, which blend in and inspire the expression of each person's individuality. To forms widely known, Casa Leitão...

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Portuguese filigree

Portuguese filigree, known for its delicacy, uses traditional Portuguese jewellery techniques. It is the art of working noble metals, combining fine gold or silver wires in a design of circular and spiral motifs that form a charming lacy pattern.Filigree has been known since Greco-Roman antiquity, and is also...

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Our partnerships

Leitão & Irmão has established renowned partnerships, combining jewellery tradition with a contemporary vision.

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Gift Time!

As suas joias merecem ser guardadas com a mesma elegância com que são usadas.

Assim, nesta época natalícia, a Leitão & Irmão oferece-lhe um elegante porta-jóias para guardar todas as suas peças.

*oferta exclusiva da loja online e válida em compras superiores a 250€ em joalharia.