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Wedding rings

When you open a wedding registry at Leitão & Irmão you get a direct 10% discount on the manufacture of the pair of wedding rings.

Bonus List = 10% discount

10% of the total value of gifts purchased by your guests is converted into a discount to be used on a Leitão & Irmão purchase.
Value to be used on a single purchase valid for 6 months from the date of issue.


You can split the selected items into smaller offers.
This way your guests can offer whatever amount suits them best.

Value advance

Wedding Registries at Leitão & Irmão are often a piggy bank. At the end, the bride and groom can use the value of the gifts to exchange for other items. In other words, within the value of the gifts they have received, they can choose other items or even have a special item made to measure.

How it works

1. Selection & Budgeting

Through one of Leitão & Irmão's physical or online shops, the bride and groom select the items they want to put on their Wedding Registry.

A quote will be given for all the pieces, taking into account the variation in raw materials.

The value of the quote is guaranteed by Leitão & Irmão until the Wedding Registry is closed.

2. Access to information

Once the budget for your Wedding Registry has been accepted, the list is created internally and the information is distributed to all the physical and online Leitão & Irmão shops, so your guests can buy wherever is convenient for them.

You will be given a link to send your guests your online Wedding Registry.

3. Buying presents

Guests have several options to choose from, which the bride and groom can define when opening the list.

  • The selected gifts on your Wedding Registry
  • Portion/s of an item from your Wedding Registry
  • Other Leitão & Irmão pieces.

4. Handing over the presents

Guests can choose between 2 delivery options for their gift, which the bride and groom can define when opening the list.

  • Hand delivery by the guest: we send the gift to the address selected in the order and the guest delivers their gift personally.
  • Delivery after the wedding: The garments remain in the custody of Leitão & Irmão, which sends the garments to the bride and groom's address once the Wedding Registry has been finalised, and begins production of possible out-of-stock or made-to-measure garments.

5. Monitoring the Wedding Registry

While your Wedding Registry is open, you can access the movements on the Leitão & Irmão website where you can check the items that are still available, the items that have already been offered and the guests who have already bought a gift.

6. Closing the Wedding Registry

The week after the wedding, the bride and groom receive an email summarising the Wedding Registry.

The bride and groom will be asked to make an appointment with the Atelier shop or the Estoril shop to close the Wedding Registry.

At this meeting, the bride and groom can choose between receiving their gifts or exchanging them for a piece or pieces of higher value.

Open a Wedding Registry

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What is a Wedding Registry?

Although the reasons may vary from culture to culture and from person to person, giving gifts to the bride and groom is a way of expressing joy, congratulations and support at such a special moment as the wedding.

A Wedding Registry is a facilitator for both the bride and groom and their guests.

The bride and groom have the opportunity to indicate the gifts they would like to receive, and the guests have the confidence to offer and invest in a gift that fulfils the expectations of the bride and groom.

At Leitão & Irmão, the bride and groom can choose from a selection of garments with the help of our specialists, which is available in all our shops and online. We provide a link to the selection of garments, where guests can buy from all over the world.

How can I open my Wedding Registry at Leitão & Irmão?

At any of our physical or online shops. You fill in a form with all the information we need to make your Registry available.

I can not go to the Leitão & Irmão shop, can I open a Wedding Registry there?

Yes, you can carry out the entire procedure remotely, via our website or by contacting us directly here.

How long does my Wedding Registry last?

All Wedding Registries are valid for 12 months from the date they are opened.

When do we get the 10% Bonus discount?

The bonus list is issued when the Registry is closed and lasts for 6 months.

Can we include Leitão & Irmão parts that are out of stock when we open the Registry?


Leitão & Irmão workshops will quote the PVP of the part at the time the Registry is opened.

After receiving the quote, the bride and groom decide whether they want to put this item on their list.
We guarantee the indicated PVP for the entire duration of your Wedding Registry.

Can we include parts made to order?


Leitão & Irmão workshops will quote the PVP of the piece you wish to develop, at the time the Registry is opened.

After receiving the quote, the bride and groom decide whether they want to put this special item on their Registry.

We guarantee the quoted price for the entire duration of your Wedding Registry.

Are the prices guaranteed during the period the Registry is open?


We guarantee the quoted price for the items selected and quoted for your Wedding Registry for the entire duration of your Wedding Registry - 12 months.

What if the items I select are too expensive for my guests?

When creating your Wedding Registry, we offer the possibility of dividing the items into instalments. This way your guests can give a gift according to what they want to invest.

How can I check my Wedding Registry?

You can check your Wedding Registry on the website, which will have its own link so you can send it to your guests, or in any of our shops.

Can I check which products have been offered and by which guest?

Both on the Leitão & Irmão website and through the shop's follow up, you'll find out which gifts were given and by which guests.

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