On the journey of love, every step is a promise, and every promise is eternalised in a jewel.
Discover the timeless charm of Leitão e Irmão engagement rings and wedding bands, where love is transformed into precious memories for a lifetime.


At Atelier Leitão & Irmão, we open our doors to lovers who wish to create a personalised jewel, an eternal expression of their love.

Our talented artisans and designers are ready to accompany you on this unique journey, transforming your wishes into a sublime piece.

Visit us in our atelier, where romance and dedication intertwine, and let us create a jewel that will light up your heart and become an unforgettable treasure of your most special day.

Together, let's bring the personalised fairy tale to life, in the form of a jewel made with love.

Wedding Registries

With a diverse range of carefully selected options, we offer the bride and groom the opportunity to choose jewellery, silverware and other items that will complement their new home and mark the beginning of their life together.

Through a personalised service guided by experienced professionals, we ensure that every couple finds exactly what they are looking for. From wedding rings that symbolise eternal union, to decorative pieces that add a touch of elegance to your home, we offer a wide range of products that reflect Leitão & Irmão's characteristic refinement and good taste.

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Leitão & Irmão has established renowned partnerships, combining jewellery tradition with a contemporary vision.

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