Journey into the Desert

Leitão & Irmão created a collaboration with model and entrepreneur Débora Montenegro, a partnership that brought to Casa Leitão the visual culture of someone who has a background full of catwalks from different corners of the world.

The jewellery collection developed with Débora Montenegro brings a tangible aspect of jewellery to the Leitão & Irmão collections, through pieces intended to be used in everyday life, which blend in and inspire the expression of each person's individuality. To widely known forms, Casa Leitão adds the knowledge of the art of jewellery and the preciousness of materials such as gold and various stones, making them truly timeless, reflecting the unique personality of the house.

It was undoubtedly a challenge for Débora Montenegro to set up the production in Dubai, a place "where everything changes with each new day", as is popularly said. While presenting the new collection at the closing of Expo Dubai 2020, the model worked with a local team to develop the concept of the new pieces - Find your Star Desert Edition - through a Journey into the Desert.

"It is at the end that we celebrate victory, become more experienced and mature, and enjoy our achievements. It is at the end that we really become winners." Débora Montenegro

For Débora, the project means more than a jewellery collection. It is a reflection of everything she believes in and the cultivation of faith and trust in herself, a message that she seeks to sediment in everything she does. The collection is in itself a tribute, to good times and bad times, and the acceptance that they exist and that they are part of us.

And why the desert? The Desert is where, just as in the sea the constellations are the map for travellers, the stars serve as our guide, referring to the importance of constellations that was explored in the first wave of the collection.

The choice of Hiden Desert was decisive because it is a very particular Rihad and would give a unique image to the whole campaign. After two hours of a troubled journey against a sunset that was running out with every passing second, the result was a fascinating record of a true Journey into the Desert, where the colours and smells brought to us by the wind still live in our senses today.

The new pieces are launched in July, a month of torrid summers that inspired the freshness found in the collection.

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